Hello Trupti
Am just writing to let you know how much your workshops helped me re-craft my image and put a new edge to all my peer-interactions.
I would certainly recommend image identity studio to everyone I know!


One-on-One ClientProject ManagerAutomobile MajorPune

The facilitator conducted the workshop excellently. She has command over the subject matter.

Mohan Sabnis, Business, Finance

I liked the way the sessions were conducted and detailed explanations were given on each and every topic. Particularly loved working with colour in my wardrobe and the dressing charts. Thanks Trupti for conducting these extremely helpful sessions and I am glad you have helped me modify my way of dressing up.

Shweta Guram, Businesswoman

A ‘BIG’ Thank-you to Ms.Trupti Nachane for conducting the Social Savvy and Etiquette camp at myNEST and so very well. She connected instantly with each and every child in the camp. Her calm, pleasing personality and teaching methods made the learning seem so easy for the children.  Learning coupled with fun and lot of practical experiences did make the entire workshop experience for the children very enriching. In today’s fast paced and competitive world, it is indeed wonderful to start children so early in life on etiquette, communication, confidence building etc. This will go a long way in building a strong, social and a good generation. We hope more and more children take benefit of this Workshop.

Shilpa Kamath - Managing Partner - myNEST