“Craft your Personal Brand Identity”


Identity offers a Comprehensive Image Management and Personal Branding Solution for individuals opting for one-on-one consultation. This service works best for people who need individual attention, and who are more comfortable taking private sessions than being in a group. This package is designed with an aim to enhance or refine the elements of your image: Appearance, Behaviour and Communication. It enables you to project an Appropriate, Authentic, Attractive and Affordable image.

Your evolved “Identity” is bound to lead you to success in your personal, professional and your social life.

Building this Identity involves working with you on a series of modules. The modules that we work on are mentioned below. The modules rely on experiential and demonstrative techniques of training.

Choose from our extensive range of services. Alternatively, we can build a customized package to suit your needs as assessed from a Client Need Analysis.






This module begins with a brief introduction to Image Management and the Power of Personal Appearance. It helps in capturing information about the client and helps both the consultant and the client to be on the same page about needs and wants. Individual requirements are clarified.

We are thus able to design our package to suit individual needs and this evaluation helps us to chalk a roadmap for further activity. The consultant is now in a better position to make accurate recommendations.






This module equips you with the knowledge to choose an Appropriate attire as per your role, goal and occasion.

Here we try and gauge a detailed and precise idea of the client’s lifestyle. We evaluate the everyday instances and occasions in the client’s life and what is important for him/her to achieve his/her goals.

With this clinic, we seek to understand a person’s lifestyle choices and his/her unique personality, on the basis of which further recommendations regarding clothing and other Image elements can be made.

In today’s competitive era, it is essential to look the part. Dress as you want to be Addressed!!

Many a times, promotions in the corporate world are restrained if justice is not done to self presentation. Appropriate dressing is all about understanding the messages that need to be conveyed keeping in mind your roles, goals and occasions. This session guides the client through effective use of the International Style Scale to understand and use the language of clothes.





Every person is unique, has unique choices and preferences! These preferences are influenced by the person’s background / exposure and lifestyle. Every person thus portrays a unique sense of style. In this module, we will identify your authentic personal style, a style you are most comfortable in, being yourselves.

We all try to fit in, with the workplace or society environment, but may feel uncomfortable or out of place if it includes not being your authentic self. The aim would thus be to remain authentic and genuine in your choices, yet keeping in mind its appropriateness to the role, goal or occasion.

Evaluation of your unique personal style will be done by detailed analysis charts, studying your propensity to the different elements of design, your physical characteristics and your personality characteristics. Once identified, we equip our clients to use their personal style and recommend changes if required to suit your roles and goals.






If you wish to add that SPARKLE to your look, this is the module for you!

This session comprises a Body Shape and Face Shape Analysis. You can learn the art of selecting dressing styles to flatter your body shape and accessorizing as per your face shape.

You will learn to co-ordinate and harmonize fashion elements; and create stylish new looks. The knowledge imparted here will empower you to reinforce your best features and counter your figure/shape variations, to project an Attractive Image.







Learn to identify the colours that work best for you, which you can use to your advantage and the messages that they convey. This is done by evaluating your personal colours.

We recommend that you become part of the colour scheme with your clothing and cosmetics, to create a beautiful harmony in your appearance. We will show you how! Add great and suitable colour combinations to your wardrobe!

We also introduce psychology of colours.






If you’ve ever opened your closet, looked at hoards of hangers and thought, “I have nothing to wear”, we are the ones who can solve this conundrum for you, and that too, for good!

We now take a peep into your wardrobe to see what works for you, what may work for you and what will not work for you at all! Having a terrific wardrobe need not be a confusing or an expensive affair if you resort to investing in a ‘Wardrobe Capsule’.

We help you create Wardrobe capsules or clusters (a group of clothes that work with each other) with your existing wardrobe and identify what needs to be acquired to add-on to those clusters or even build new clusters. A ‘cluster’ or a ‘capsule wardrobe’ is a small group of coordinated clothing and accessories that are easy to mix and match, and provide individuality, versatility and economy. Clustering is a concept that smart professionals should use to save time and money. A well-planned cluster gives you enough variety of looks to fit different needs. A basic 5 piece cluster (eg. 3 tops and 2 bottoms) can give approx 12 different outfits.

In the process, we identify items that go on your shopping list!

The result is a beautifully organized wardrobe, with great visibility and accessibility; and some choicest combinations of outfits, all from your own possessions – Putting your resources to their best use!






Confused about what to shop and from where, or just too pre-occupied? Yes, shopping can be an overwhelming experience for many. Our Personal Shopping Services are here for your rescue!

With a list of items mutually identified to acquire, we visit pre-selected stores, with pre-identified items for you to try. Smart shopping saves time and also money by methodical and planned acquisitions to add-on to your clusters.





“Make-up is Self Confidence applied directly to the face”


Maximize your Image Impact by being well groomed and learn the techniques of personal care.

Some of the topics covered are:

    – Skin care

    – Hair care

    – Personal hygiene

   – Day / Evening Make-up techniques

    – Basic hair styles.









Most of our actions are judged and assessed whether we are in public or in a limited social circle. This module helps you project the right image through apt social behaviour.

Some of the topics covered:

    – General and gender neutral etiquette,

    – Gender specific etiquette,

    – Mobile phone etiquette,

    – Driving etiquette,

    – Quetiquette,

    – Netiquette,

    – Travel etiquette,

    – Rest room etiquette,

    – Party etiquette,

    – Dining etiquette (separate module available)

Be Etiquette-savvy!!





Proper business etiquette helps create a professional, and mutually respectful environment at the workplace. It translates to better work relationships; within the company and with clients and other associates. The overall standard of the workplace and the work satisfaction levels increase considerably.

This module focuses on displaying immaculate etiquette at business or professional situations. General business etiquette, protocol of introductions, business card exchange, shaking hands, netiquette, etiquette of meetings and seminars are some of the things learnt in this module.





Appropriate Dining Etiquette helps you to make a favourable impression at the dining table, be it a business or a social occasion.

People are judged by the way they eat. Earlier this saying was confined only to the elite, however eating out and socialising are important threads in the social fabric, and you learn to project the right image with appropriate and impressive dining table manners.

In this module, clients learn more about seating, table setting, napkin usage, table manners, serving food, passing food, types of menu, etc; tipping & toasting, buffet manners, eating with hands, wine and food pairing. Table set-up demo, handling cutlery are some of the other skills learnt in this module.

This module includes a hands-on, practical, fine dining experience!






Know how to project a confident and winning body language in all interactions!

Do you wish to have a lead in interaction or negotiations with others? Do you want to know how they are feeling and the way they are thinking?

In this module, we guide our clients to read and influence people through nonverbal communication and effective use of body language.

Body Language is critical in all forms of communication. The way you talk, move, use gestures, make eye contact, and your posture, all determine if your audience trusts you and is willing to truly listen to what you have to say.

Mastering this ability will give you more confidence and skill in handling social and professional interactions.





“Communication works for those who work at it.”  – John Powell


While appropriate appearance and body language form the visual part of any communication in a meeting, vocal communication skills are absolutely irreplaceable. This module helps the participant to be more aware of the subject and enhance his or her personal communication skills through elements of communication, barriers, communication styles & traits, constituents of verbal communication, etc.

This module helps improve listening skills and makes the client discover their own communication style through exercises. Understanding your personal style of communicating will go a long way toward helping you to create good and lasting impressions on others. Clients will be aware of how to adjust their styles as per situations, so as to have fruitful social and professional communication.


  • ART OF BEING AN ACE CONVERSATIONALIST (Advanced Communications Module)



This module covers 80+ easy and effective techniques for being a successful conversationalist. It throws light on the more skilful ways of communicating with other people. The client learns how to:

  • Always come across as confident, credible, and charismatic in all walks of life
  • Intrigue everyone using non verbals
  • Meet the people (gain access) to the people you want to meet
  • Start great Small Talk
  • Always know what to say after you say “Hi”
  • Captivate Your Audiences
  • Sound like an Insider in any crowd
  • Network at Parties – Do’s and Don’ts etc





Learn the nuances of making and delivering a polished, professional speech/talk. Content preparation to delivery techniques can be learnt here.

You will be able to:

  • Identify the audience
  • Create a basic outline
  • Organize ideas
  • Find the right words
  • Prepare all the details
  • Overcome nervousness
  • Have a confident and appropriate Body Language
  • Deliver a polished, professional speech
  • Communicate with Power
  • Handle questions and comments effectively

This module helps you refine your influencing skills and leadership abilities in addition to critical thinking and communication effectiveness.





Transactional Analysis (TA) – The concept is used to build positive relationships. It can be used to improve communication and understand your own way of behaving and communicating. Conflicts are resolved better when we are able to understand the other person, and communicate effectively.

The objective is to understand the different ego states that people operate in and the types of transactions or interactions we have. Learn to engage in more complementary transactions while dealing with others, with the knowledge of different ego states and by understanding the other person’s emotional state.

Ensure win-win in each transaction by identifying every ego state through the vocabulary, tone, facial expressions, postures and gestures.


In addition to the above, we also work with you on various OTHER PEOPLE SKILLSETS, a few of them are mentioned below:

Emotional Intelligence

Goal Setting

Interview Skills

Time Management

Stress Management

Leadership Skills

Negotiation Skills

Conflict Management

Work – Home Balance