What is Image Management?

Image management is the ongoing process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance and the resulting response on you and others”.

It is the art and science of consistently projecting an appropriate and powerful image.

Image Management teaches us to optimally use Clothing, Grooming, Etiquette, Body Language, Verbal & Vocal Communication skills to maximize our impact on others. These aspects contribute to building the right and positive image that works to our advantage in our personal, professional and social lives. The right image makes people attribute confidence, superior ability and other positive elements to us.

Image Management does not focus only on the outside (physical attributes) aspects of an individual, but also takes into account a person’s inner self, personality characteristics, individual roles, goals, personal style and values.

Image Management thus uses an “Inside Out Approach”.



Why Image Management?

“You Cannot Not Communicate!”

Just by your presence, your Appearance sends out a message – to you and to others. Your personal brand is always announcing itself everywhere you go.

Wouldn’t it help if this message or announcement is positive and always appropriate as desired? Image Management can be used as a powerful tool to make this Image or Personal Brand work for your benefit. You will now be aware and in control of the impact made by you, on yourself and on others.

A Winning Image opens doors to opportunities faster; gives the needed extra edge for people who need to maintain a public image; helps you leave a mark at interviews, leads you to corporate and financial success; enables to build better personal and professional relationships by managing behavioural aspects; creates positive impact and transactional delight by practising good etiquette; guides you to use impressive vocal and verbal communication techniques to deliver powerful presentations or speeches; gives you confidence to dine and host in style!

Corporate groups or professionals will benefit from increased self esteem, self confidence and credibility; leading to better performance and improved productivity, decreased absenteeism. They would be better poised to reflect authority, ability and sensitivity to others, thus reaping the fruits of projecting a successful professional image.


Who Needs Image Management?

Irrespective of age, gender, corporate or professional designation, or life roles, all can benefit by imbibing the art of making impactful and positive impressions and hence confidently go about in the pursuit of their goals and aspirations.

The following can/do seek Image Consulting:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Young Professionals, Executives, Managers
  • Management, CXOs
  • Educational Institutions
  • Students, Teachers
  • Teenagers, Younger Children
  • Homemakers
  • Brides-to-be and Grooms-to-be
  • Celebrities and Public Figures